Q & A

Q: Why is there a price increase?

A: Because we are running camps at half our normal capacity, but with the same fun and caliber as previous years. In order to run, we have to fund it. Thank you for understanding. 

Q: Why is there not half-day options this year?

A: Because of the above answer. Thank you for understanding.

Q: I've been vaccinated. Does my child still have to wear a mask?

A: Yes. We will do everything we can to keep your child, and those around them safe. If something drastically changes, we will let you know. 

Q: I've been vaccinated. Can I come into the Lyric for drop off/pick up.

A: No. Please see camp information on our Summer Camp page.

Q: I don't care if my child wears a mask. Can they not wear it?

A: No. All campers will follow the same guidelines.