Registration opens on Wednesday, April 21st at 8am

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate guidelines and logistics for JoELoe Summer Camps!

We are keeping many of the same guidelines from last year's camp. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please click here "Summer Camp Q & A"  or feel free to email Joelle.

This & That Camp

Limited to 15 campers per week

FULL: Week #1 July 19th-23rd

FULL: Week #2 July 26th-30th


Ages 6-14

Cost: $325/Camper

Please email Joelle, if you wish to placed on a wait list.

Camp Details. Please read carefully.

Each week will consist of socially distanced workshops (many outside), guests/activities (zoom on the big screen at the Lyric!), and games/activities that are meant to bring you the joy of camp, but keep you following the guidelines in place. Continue reading to learn the precautions we'll have in place. We are aware that some precautions may change before July. We will be in contact if, or when things change. 

We'll include some of the same fun workshops you know and love, and include NEW ones!


Workshops include, but not limited never know what you may like! Give it a try!

  • ART (various mediums)

  • Movement (dance, running, acting, yoga. Even Artistic Swimming...on land!

  • Film making

  • Science experiments/activities

  • Walking distance field trips. 

  • Stage combat (it's actually all about using distance!), 

  • and MORE! 


Activities include, but not limited never what you may like! Give it a try!

  • Appropriate games for the atmosphere

  • Creating a unique carnival of games

  • Learning about businesses in our community (We can still do random acts of kindness!)

  • Pizza for lunch! (we can't go make it, but we can support our summer camp pizza place, Avallino's, and order it!)

  • Talent show

  • scavenger hunts

  • We create our own traditions! Part of camp is having a blast with those you're with. Who has an imagination!? ALL OF US! Each camp will have its own unique traditions because it will have its own unique campers.

  • and MORE!


  • Joelle, and all JoELoe staff, will wear masks. Period. Staff members are trusted, and remain obedient to guidelines. Counselors: Joelle, Kayla, and TBD (don't worry, they'll be fun)

  • No high-fives, etc. You better believe we'll come up with a creative replacement though!

  • No adults/parents may enter the lyric unless absolutely needed. You MUST wear a mask the entire time. Drop off and pick up will take place in front of The Lyric. Joelle's information will be readily available incase you need to contact your camper.

  • Campers are asked to bring their own masks each day. They WILL need to wear a mask, unless we've created a spread out workshop outside/are far apart. That WILL happen as often as possible. i.e you won't have to dance or hula hoop in a mask outside.

  • Your child, and counselors, will have their temperature taken upon arriving at camp, and after lunch time. We will use a fancy dancy point and take thermometer. 

  • Hand sanitizer stations available, and specific handwashing/sanitizer times put in place. i.e arrival, after each activity, departure...we sanitize/wash.

  • Marked spaces inside of the Lyric. When we are inside, campers will be encouraged to find their own "pod" clearly marked on the floor. There will still be plenty of movement and fun.

  • Campers will bring their own reusable water bottle, mask, lunch, and TWO snacks. Joelle will have SOME snacks available as extra and will be passed out with utmost care and precautions. i.e icepops, individually wrapped cheesesticks, packets of goldfish, and a pizza lunch on Friday(socially distanced picked up/delivered)

  • Each camper will be given a box to place their items in each day. After each camp day, the boxes will be disinfected. Campers will use the same box each day.

  • Each day before camp, at lunch time, and after camp the bathrooms, light switches, and other contact surfaces will be disinfected.

We have 15 spaces available per camp. First come, first serve.

Registration opens April 21st. 

Please email Joelle with questions

These camps are full. Please email to be placed on a wait list.