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It's theatre camp! Join us, as we learn about the wonders of the stage, and put on a production!


July 8-12th


Ages: 6-14

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Theatre Camp

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    • No two days are the same! 
    • Participate in super fun exercises and games, all while learning about acting!
    • Work with costumes, props, and set pieces!
    • Learn blocking (where you move on stage), and choreography! We might even sing a little! If you're not a singer, that's totally fine.
    • We'll head out on a few walking fieldtrips. Including, but not limited to, The Moss, Sugar Magnolia, and the farmers market. Whaaat!?
    • We'll have pizza on Friday for lunch! Unless you don't like pizza. Then you can eat something else.
    • This week isn't all rehearse, rehearse, rehearse! Although, you will do that. We will have an epic time of trying all sorts of activities that involve the ARTS!

    Friday afternoon parents and families are welcome to join us as Theatre Camp actors present a production like you've never seen!

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