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Classes & Workshops
Winter 2024!

Thank you for your interest in our theatre classes and workshops!

The best way to stay up to date, and not miss announcements, is to sign up for our newsletter on the Contact Page.

This class is designed to put your quick thinking skills into motion, and learn a super fun aspect of theatre...improvisation!

These are fantastic opportunities to experience and learn about theatre! Choose a Saturday OR Sunday, and rock the DRAMA!

We're BACK with these month long courses. We learn...we act...we have a blast!

This class will dive into the beautiful world of vocal acting, and cumulate in a radio drama of short sketches.

Learn and participate in producing a live stage musical from start to finish in this production class which will culminate in a fully staged musical on The Lyric stage!

Registration for this class is through the Lyric. Follow the link above and join in the fun!

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