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Each week will consist of workshops, games, and activities (many outside). Guests and professional community members facilitate workshops and activities!  We'll include some of the same fun workshops you know and love, and include NEW ones!

July 15th-19th



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Please know the following is subject to change...

Workshops include, but not limited never know what you may like! Give it a try!

  • ART (various mediums)
  • Movement (dance, running, acting, yoga...)
  • Film making
  • Science experiments/activities
  • Walking distance field trips
  • Stage combat (it's actually about being safe!) 
  • Storytelling and MORE!

This & That Camp WEEK 1

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    • Creating a unique carnival of games
    • Learning about businesses in our community ( Random acts of kindness!)
    • Pizza for lunch! (we love supporting Avellino's for camp pizza day!)
    • Talent show
    • Scavenger hunts
    • We create our own traditions! Part of camp is having a blast with those you're with. Who has an imagination!? ALL OF US! Each camp will have its own unique traditions because it will have its own unique campers.
    • and MORE!
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